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MMS 104: Internship Equality Webinar

This week’s episode is the recording of the Internship Equality webinar co-hosted by the Whale and Dolphin Conservation and the  Society for Marine Mammalogy Diversity & Inclusion committee.

While we all rely on the ocean for half our oxygen, our climate, and our economy, not everyone has a voice in marine science and conservation, a field which has little racial diversity. Recognizing and removing the barriers preventing access to this field is critical to the health of our planet. In this webinar, two organizations will present their experiences, outlining how they evaluated the barriers to accessing opportunities in this field and how they are working to remove them.

Mentioned published paper: ​​The problem of toxic internships in the environmental field: Guidelines for more equitable professional experiences

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MMS 103: The Oldest Whale and Dolphin Conservation Organization

This week’s episode has our guest,  Dr. Rebecca Lent, the International Whaling Commission’s Executive Secretary, talking to Dr. Ashley Scarlett about the IWC’s 75th anniversary. They also talk about its latest cetacean conservation initiatives and programs. Dr. Lent describes the valuable resources that the IWC provides for the general public, including scientific reports and informative guides to help protect marine mammals.

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MMS 100: The 100th episode!

This week’s episode marks the 100th Marine Mammal Science podcast recording. To celebrate, we speak to Dr. Chris Parsons, the creator of the podcast and the Membership Chair of the Society for Marine Mammalogy. He joins Dr. Ashley Scarlett to discuss the podcast, what the Society for Marine Mammalogy offers and ways for those interested in marine mammals to engage with the society.

Join us at the 24th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals, December 13-17, 2021. Go to to register.

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