Awards and Funding

SMM supports a variety of awards, scholarships, research and conference travel grant programs in service of our commitment to marine mammal conservation, science, and inclusivity for a global audience.

SMM Conservation Fund

The Society for Marine Mammalogy (SMM) has established a Conservation Fund to fund high-priority research on the world’s most endangered marine mammal species with the goal of catalyzing real conservation action.


Research Awards, Grants and Scholarships

SMM grants, awards and scholarships include the:
• Small Grants-in-Aid of Research program
• the John E. Heyning Research Award
• the Emily B. Shane Award
• the Twiss Award
• and the Louis M. Herman Research Scholarship

Conference Awards, Prizes and Grants

Conference awards include the:
Conservation Merit Prize
Kenneth S. Norris Award
• the Wood Award
• the Frederic Fairfield Memorial Award
• the J. Stephen Leatherwood Memorial Award
• the IFAW Award for Welfare and Conservation
Student Awards
Audience Favourite and Judges Discretionary Awards
• the Stu Innes Memorial Travel Bursary
* the Leatherwood Student Travel Grant
Student Travel Grants
and Low Income Country Travel Grants.

Marine Mammal Science Funding Opportunities

A list of non-SMM funding and awards opportunities

Help Support Our Programs

We offer a variety of ways to support our programs – through membership, sponsorship and tax-deductible donations.

Your membership fees directly contribute to marine mammal research and conservation where it is needed most. Join or renew your SMM membership today. All are welcome to be a part of the Society.

We seek sponsors and offer advertising opportunities for our biennial conference and podcasts.

Our grants, scholarships and award programs advance science and promote conservation worldwide. We welcome your tax-deductible gift to support the program of your choice.

Guide to Giving

The Society for Marine Mammalogy (SMM) Conservation Fund and the SMM as a whole welcomes your contributions to our work. Here we provide some guidance that may help in planning your future giving.