J. Stephen Leatherwood Memorial Award

J. Stephen Leatherwood Memorial Award

Stephen Leatherwood was a vocal advocate for and a strong supporter of regionally driven research in the Asia. In 1994, Stephen facilitated the establishment of the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong (OPCFHK), which provides funds to conservation-based research projects within Asia, with a particular emphasis on marine mammals. As a result of this support, our knowledge of Asian marine mammals has improved tremendously. The Stephen Leatherwood Memorial Award was established in 2007 to promote Steve’s desire to further marine mammal conservation in Asia by recognising the most outstanding research presentation on Asian marine mammals. To be considered for this award, the primary author must indicate his/her wish to be considered when submitting an abstract. A dedicated award panel, comprising Steve’s colleagues and experts in conservation and Asian research, assess all presenters who consider themselves eligible for the award. Judges focus on the conservation value of the research and the benefits of supporting researchers from developing countries  in Asia. OPCFHK fund this award in Steve’s honour and also provide student travel grants to eligible presenters. Student travel grants are assessed by the Awards Committee.

Previous winners:

2019 Winner:
Wint Hte
It started with a fisher’s tale: Interdisciplinary research on marine mammals, their history, and their threats in the Gulf of Mottama, Myanmar.

2017 Winner:
Yi Han

Habitat changing processes in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River: A case study of the Yangtze finless porpoise. (Read abstract here.)