SMM2024: 25th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals

Join us at the 25th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals

Workshops – November 8–10, 2024
Conference – November 11–16, 2024

Perth, Australia



The Society for Marine Mammalogy holds biennial international meetings with the goal of enhancing collaboration, sharing ideas, and improving the quality of research on marine mammals within the scientific community. 

Our conference will attract eminent scientists and leaders from nations around the world to help chart a path of multidisciplinary research and collaboration now and for the next generation of researchers.

SMM2024 will span 5 days, each day including a plenary session with distinguished keynote speakers that will be live-streamed at the start of each day. Concurrent sessions will be accessible to virtual attendees via pre-recorded content, and access to an online forum for Q&A with presenters and other attendees. Workshops on crucial topics in marine mammal science and conservation will also be held prior to the main conference and currently there is no plan for virtual attendance. Virtual / recorded content will be available on-demand for all in-person and virtual attendees during the conference and for 30 days post conference.

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