2022 Research Recipients

Congratulations to the 2022 Grants In Aid of Research Recipients!

Directional asymmetry across postnatal ontogenetic development of Odontoceti skeletons, Brazil, Maira Laeta

Deeping into Delphinidae ear: insight into anatomy and phylogeny from 3D geometric morphometric data, Argentina, Viviana Milano

Whale watching effect on the body condition of Southern Right Whale, Eubalaena australis, on its reproductive area at Península Valdés, Chubut, Argentina, (Read Report) Ailen Chalcobsky

Philogeography and genetic conservation of the southern elephant seal (Mirounga leonina) at Potter Peninsula, King George Island, Antarctica: Genetic variation of the breeding and molting colony, Argentina, Lucas Lanusse

Persistent organic pollutant levels in Mexican Central Pacific humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae), Mexico, (Read Report) Myriam Llamas-Gonzalez

Isoscapes Development (δ13C and δ15N) in the Golfo Nuevo and Golfo San José: A Baseline for the Study of the Marine Pelagic Trophic Web, Argentina, (Read Report), Sebastian Giacomino

Conservation of the African manatee in Cameroon: assessing a country-range genetic diversity and connectivity through haplotypes’ identification, Cameroon, (Read Report) Clinton Factheu

Genomic investigation of offshore Tursiops truncatus populations in archipelagos of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Brazil, Brenda Alexandre

Disentangle How Shipping Activity Impacts Cetacean Ranging Behavior, China, Binshuai Liu

Indicators of oxidative stress in tissues of California sea lions in select colonies of the Southern Gulf of California (Mexico) in relation to mercury concentrations,  Mexico, (Read Report) Taryn Symon

Evaluating quality of lactation of South Africa’s female southern right whales to inform population health and growth rates, South Africa, (Read Report), Loraine Shuttleworth

A novel technique to reveal population structure and dynamics of humpback whales of the Mexican Pacific, El Salvador, (Read Report) Melvin Castaneda

Isotopic assessment between foraging strategies of adult female northern elephant seals (Mirounga angustirostris) and fasting stress of their offspring,  Mexico, (Read Report) Eunice Rodriguez

Maternal love. Determining the importance of mother-pup bond on the early survival of South American fur seal pups, Chile, Felipe Montalva

Human Interactions with the South American Sea Lion – Analysis of marine litter in stomach contents, Brazil, Caio Oliveira