Marine Mammal Science Job Openings

Marine Animal Response Intern

Job Category: Internship Opportunities (unpaid)
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If you are a degreed or degree-seeking individual engaged in fields of study such as marine biology, ecology, ocean sciences, or related fields, we offer internship opportunities in HMAR programs such as Field Support & Outreach, Marine Debris, or Education & Engagement.

This internship period will run from December 15-March 31.

As an intern, it is important to note:

All internships are unpaid positions that do not include housing or living expenses.
Internships require a minimum of 20 hours per week of work for at least 3 months, and access to a personal and reliable car or truck. Full-time internships are also available.
Internships can be applied as college credit if your institution allows. Interns are responsible for coordinating the requirements for college credit.
Interns are responsible for acquiring their own needs equipment such as binoculars, hiking shoes, vehicle, fuel, camera, and other materials outlined in our application.
Interns must be 18 years of age, be a U.S. citizen or hold applicable visas, and be fluent in the English language.
Interns must be capable of certain physical requirements due to the nature of field activities. Interns should be able to walk for at least 2 miles in sandy/rocky shorelines, able to carry 75 pounds for at least 100 feet, be able to swim, and capable of working in variable weather conditions.

You will need to submit a CV/resume, cover letter, and provide three references as part of your application process.
Due to the nature of HMAR’s activities, it’s essential that interns can maintain a calm demeanor in stressful situations, enjoy communicating with the public, are able to work as part of a team, and are eager to learn new skills.

To apply please submit application to