South and Southeast Asia

This chapter aims to bring together students and researchers studying marine mammals across South and Southeast Asia.

We are just getting started, and as we progress, we plan to set up a space where students can meet and talk about their research (online, hybrid, in-person). We want to use this platform to give students an opportunity to present and discuss their research in informal settings. Students are also welcome to talk about research ideas, troubleshoot research questions, and discuss funding and internship opportunities.

Please keep checking this page for updates and join our Facebook page as we go along!
We look forward to having you onboard!
You can reach us at to join or fill out this form.

The chapter is currently run by students from Bangladesh (Shanta Shamsunnahar, Oregon State University), India (Isha Bopardikar, IISER Tirupati & K.Lisa Yang Center for Conservation Bioacoustics, USA), and Malaysia (Sandra Teoh, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia & Marcet, Malaysia).

Professional sponsor: Dr Dipani Sutaria, James Cook University

Last updated: January 2024