Welcome to the Northeast USA student chapter

Welcome to the Northeast USA Student Chapter of the Society for Marine Mammalogy!

Our chapter is based out of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City and is sponsored by the Center for Biodiversity & Conservation, Joy Reidenberg and Diana Reiss. Our primary goal is to develop an opportunities consortium for students across the Northeast interested in marine mammal science. We aim to provide community outreach, share resources, organize annual meetings, develop training workshops and plan local events across the region.

Board of Directors

Kristi Ashley Collom, Raphael Fennimore, Eric Angel Ramos and Julia Stepanuk

Current & Founding Members

Stephanie Adamczak, Danielle Monaghan Brown, Kristi Ashley Collom, Raphael Fennimore, Christina Perazio, Eric Angel Ramos, Julia Stepanuk

Primary Contacts:

Kristi Ashley Collom
American Museum of Natural History / CUNY
Hunter College
475 4th Avenue #4L, Brooklyn, NY 11215
kristiashleycollom@gmail.com  (917) 530-1198

Raphael Fennimore
American Cetacean Society / University of
5 Pomeroy Street, Boston, MA 02134
raphael.fennimore@gmail.com (617) 894-9730

Eric Angel Ramos
CUNY Hunter College
2001 E. 24th St, Brooklyn, NY 11229
eric.angel.ramos@gmail.com (347) 336-5567

Julia Stepanuk

Professional Sponsors: Center for Biodiversity & Conservation
American Museum of Natural History
CPW & 79th Street, New York, NY 10024
alporze@amnh.org / kcollom1@amnh.org

Joy Reidenberg, SMM Member
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
1 Gustave L. Levy Place Mailbox 1007, New York, NY 10029
joy.reidenberg@mssm.edu (212) 241-7563

Diana Reiss, SMM Member
CUNY Hunter College
460 Riverside Drive #31, New York, NY 10027
dlr28@columbia.edu (212) 662-3453