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Hawaiian Humpback Whale Field Research Internship

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Ocean Mammal Institute (OMI) is a non-profit organization that pioneers the way in two of the most important fields of study in the 21st century: Environmental Studies and Ecological Psychology (Ecopsychology).  Together we can turn the tide of extinction.
Dates: 2 Jan 2018 arrive, 19 Jan 2018 depart
Location: Maui, Hawaii
Internship title: Hawaiian Humpback Whale Field Research Internship

Internship description: Get out into nature in beautiful Maui and learn how to conduct field research on humpback whales.  Research the impact of boats on these magnificent mammals and how boats change whale habitat and behavior.  The reading material covers whale behavior, how humans affect that and all environmental issues around the oceans.  Additionally, we look at other human impacts on the oceans and how human psychology affects the decisions we make about the environment.  Learn how we can create meaningful change and raise consciousness about environmental issues.

An OMI research intern is expected to do the following:
1. Study the biology and behavior of humpback whales while you observe and record their spectacular behaviors.
2. Learn and apply the principles of field research design.
3. Gain a personal understanding of the politics of protecting endangered species.
4. Learn about current research on whales and dolphins around the world and related conservation issues.
5. Be introduced to the field of Ecopsychology, which studies the relationship between humans and the natural world.
6. Learn how we can create meaningful change and raise the consciousness about environmental issues.

What a typical day is like:
– As part of a team, conduct shore-based data collection. This involves tracking whales and boats with a theodolite and recording whale behaviors. All this is conducted approximately 4 hours every day in the Maui sun.
– As part of a team, plot and graph the field data daily.
– Read and discuss articles for the evening class. There are about 70 short articles in addition to the paperback text. Evening discussions are conducted every night and last approx 2 hours.

Additional requirements:
– Take 2 written exams (midterm and final).
– Write a team research paper using the field data your team obtained.

Living arrangements:
– 4 to 5 students in a beautifully furnished condo on the ocean.
– Condos have a full kitchen, living area, 2 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms.

Administrative Info:
– Take this course as an Independent Study or Internship Course, through your college. If taking this course for credit you receive your credit from your school, not OMI.
– Arrive in Maui 2 Jan 2018, depart Maui 19 Jan 2018
– Price – $2850.00  (Includes rental of research equipment, transportation, and accommodations in peak tourist season.) This fee does not include airfare or food.

This is a basic field research course open to any college student, any major may apply.
Students must be able to walk up a hill and sit in the Maui sun 4 hours a day as they gather field data on the whales.

Online application is available on our website at:
Limited slots available.  If not selected deposit is refunded.
Applications will be accepted until all the slots are filled.
Questions contact:
Chelsey Gloor
Chief Operations Manager
Ocean Mammal Institute