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Conservation Education Internship at The Marine Mammal Center (San Luis Obispo Operations)

Job Category: Internship Opportunities (unpaid)
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The Marine Mammal Center's San Luis Obispo Operations (SLO) is currently recruiting for the Winter 2020 Conservation Education Internship.


The Conservation Education Intern is a member of the Conservation Education Team within the broader San Luis Obispo Operations Team. The intern will actively engage the local community through outreach events, education opportunities, festivals and fairs, and interaction with the public on the beach during stranded marine mammal response. The intern will learn and convey information on The Marine Mammal Center’s global conservation mission and local activities that support this mission, with the goal of inspiring our audiences to become ocean stewards and supporters of The Marine Mammal Center. The intern will work with the Conservation Education Team to brainstorm and plan outreach and education events. There may be limited opportunities if interested and as needed to learn and assist in marine mammal rescue and care, however the focus of the position is conservation education. The position will collaborate with other staff, interns and student programs at the Morro Bay facility, as well as team members across the Center’s range. The intern will be supported and supervised by the San Luis Obispo Operations Assistant and the Operations Manager.

To Apply

Visit to apply. The deadline to apply for the Winter 2020 Conservation Education Internship at San Luis Obispo Operations is Friday, December 20th or until the position is filled.