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Overview of MMCC

The Marine Mammal Care Center is a 501(c)(3) responsible for operating the only 24/7/365 hospital in Los Angeles County which provides in house medical care to seals and sea lions that strand on the 70+ miles of beaches from Malibu to Seal Beach. Operating under a Federal permit, the hospital has treated over 8,000 seals and sea lions since it began operations in 1992 and treats an average of 350 animals per year. Our goal is to rehabilitate and release these animals back to their ocean homes. Visitors to the center can observe marine animals we treat and learn from highly trained volunteer docents how to become stewards in ocean conservation efforts.

The hospital was once privately owned and has only a three-year history of operating as a non-profit organization. To date, MMCC has struggled to raise operations level funding which currently is quite lean at $1.2M/year. MMCC’s most immediate challenge is to raise sufficient operating dollars (currently $1.2M/year) to ensure year-to-year sustainability. Ultimately, the goal is to secure endowment resources to support long-term sustainability. MMCC is seeking a Chief Executive Officer with nonprofit leadership experience and a proven fundraising track record. The successful candidate will have a love for animals, be a champion of environmental causes, and have a strong interest or background in marine life and/or ocean conservation.

Chief Executive Officer Position Description

The Chief Executive Officer is the professional leader of MMCC responsible for overseeing the organization’s functions, employees and volunteers. The Chief Executive Officer is accountable for hospital operations, development/fundraising, education programming, strategic planning and the overall financial health of the organization. The Chief Executive Officer is focused primarily on the success of the organization which is measured not only by adequate resource development but also by delivering quality animal care at the highest of standards as set by the Board of Directors. The Chief Executive Officer should be committed to saving the lives of marine mammals, particularly seals and sea lions, and educating the public about MMCC’s mission. It is critical that the Chief Executive Officer has a passion for conservation, animal welfare, and educating the public about critical topics in ocean conservation.

The Chief Executive Officer is hired by and reports directly to MMCC’s Board of Directors. This is a full-time position with benefits based at the hospital in San Pedro.

Primary Responsibilities

Board Governance
• Partner with the Board of Directors in strategic planning and goal setting
• Help the Board articulate its own role and accountabilities, including board member giving and engagement in fundraising
• Support the Board in implementing policies and procedures that following best practices in nonprofit Board governance
• Actively involve the Board in advancing MMCC’s mission, goals, fundraising efforts and programs
• Support the board succession planning by identifying individuals who may be good candidate for Board service
• Communicate regularly and openly with the Board to ensure that Board members are informed of matters and developments that warrant their attention and action
• Provide regular reports to the Board on MMCC’s financial standing, fundraising activities, and progress towards meeting strategic objectives and maintaining financial transparency
• Encourage and maintain positive working relationships and collaboration between Board members, staff and volunteers

• Work with the Board and Director to establish annual fundraising goals
• Create and implement a Development Plan to achieve annual fundraising goals for operating, capital and endowment needs. This includes determining the need for, hiring and supervising the staff necessary to execute the plan
• Create opportunities for Board and staff members to meaningfully participate in the fundraising process.
• Serve as the Chief Fundraising Officer, actively leading, participating in and overseeing all fundraising activities, including identifying new donors, meeting with and recognizing current donors, and planning for regular stewardship activities to promote donor retention
• Annually evaluate fundraising staff based on an establish system of metrics and accountably
• Create a healthy culture of philanthropy where Board members, staff, and volunteers understand and embrace meaningful and comfortable roles in the fundraising process
• Sustain positive working relationships with individual, corporate, foundation and government funders
• Develop and expand strategic, revenue-generating partnerships with individuals, local, state and federal government agencies, corporations, and foundations
• Apply fundraising best practices in activities to identify, cultivate, solicit and steward donor relationships
Hospital Operations
• Coordinate with the Hospital Director to ensure fluid operations of hospital, education, and development departments
• Consult with Hospital Director on critical issues in research or animal care
• Manage hospital budget and expenditures

Education and Outreach
• Coordinate with the Education Director to ensure fluid operations of hospital, education, and development departments
• Consult with Education Director on critical issues in ocean conservation and supervise development of a robust education program
• Manage education budget and expenditures

Team Leadership
• In partnership with the Board, lead MMCC to ensure the hospital remains true to its mission and responds to new opportunities and changing conditions
• Evaluate operations/programs and recommend appropriate action including modifying existing operations/programs and/or establishment of new programs or activities as needed and capacity allows
• Build/promote positive work environment that values and supports an open exchange of diverse ideas, capitalizes on staff/volunteer strengths, and creates a team-oriented culture that is responsive to opportunities
• Demonstrate and communicate best practices in all aspects of work

• Promote programs and services that are produced in a cost-effective manner, employing economy while maintaining quality and adherence to the mission and vision
• Oversee the fiscal activities of the organization including budgeting, reporting and auditing activities
• Work with the Board to plan for and ensure the necessary resources for short- and long-term goals
• Develop an annual budget for Board approval
• Provide the Board quarterly budget forecasts, reconciling against the actual budget
• Keep the Board apprised at all times of MMCC’s financial health

Other Duties
• Create and oversee plans for successful operations and outreach programs consistent with the hospital’s vision and mission
• Create annual and quarterly goals and objectives and implement/oversee an execution plan with desired outcomes
• Hire and manage staff and volunteers in accordance with a Board-approved organizational structure
• Seek new opportunities for MMCC visibility through cultivating partnerships, participating in coalition level efforts
• Provide professional development opportunities for staff and volunteers
• Work with the Board and Director of Hospital Operations to ensure that MMCC meets all of its fiscal and legal responsibilities
• Remain current on marine mammal health and ocean conservation education and research trends and direction to drive executive level leadership and relevance

Required Qualifications
• Minimum 5 – 7 years business management experience
• CFRE preferred
• Nonprofit leadership experience, with proven success in fundraising and working with Boards of Directors
• Able to promote a vision, to articulate a strategy, and to inspire both a team of coworkers and a wide variety of community leaders involved in the organization’s fundraising efforts
• Unusually good communication skills, with emphasis on clear and concise writing and presentation skills
• Proven management experience along with the administrative skills to organize, direct, motivate, and evaluate other professionals, support staff and volunteers
• Ability to works with minimal supervision and sound independent judgment
• Passion for conservation, animal welfare, and educating the public on the environmental ecology of marine life to our oceans and planet.

The position is based in San Pedro, CA.

The salary and benefits are competitive and commensurate with experience.

Qualified candidates should send their resume and cover letter to

MMCC is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in hiring or employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, marital status, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or any other protected class under law.