Winner Announced for the Louis M Herman Research Scholarship 2024


Congratulations to Emma Chereskin for winning the Louis M Herman Research Scholarship 2024 for her proposal;

Vocal communication and the cooperative mind: Exploring vocally mediated collaboration during a polyadic cooperative act in wild bottlenose dolphins

Louis M. Herman, Ph.D. and Emeritus Professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA, will always be remembered for his innovative, creative, and scientifically rigorous approach to the study of the marine mammals he so loved, and for the future generations of marine mammal researchers he and his work continue to inspire. The Louis M. Herman Research Scholarship supports research projects that contribute to our understanding of either cetacean cognition and sensory perception (laboratory or field studies), or humpback whale behavioural ecology or communication.

The 2023-24 call for proposals inspired 15 proposals from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, Hong Kong SAR, Madagascar, Mexico, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, and the United States of America. The quality of submissions was extremely high and competitive, making the review panel’s task challenging.

Thank you to the Chair and members of the LMHRS review panel for their hard work!



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