Wokshop: Enforcing cetacean conservation through modelling of population dynamics and distribution

International Workshop

Enforcing cetacean conservation through modelling of population dynamics and distribution

Galaxidi, Gulf of Corinth, Greece — 20-26 August 2017




Giovanni Bearzi and Olivier Gimenez

Giovanni Bearzi, PhD, Pew Marine Conservation Fellow, has been studying Mediterranean cetaceans since 1986. President of Dolphin Biology and Conservation, Italy, and associate research scientist with Texas A&M University and OceanCare.

Olivier Gimenez, PhD, is an ecological statistician studying animal demography. CNRS senior research scientist at the Biostatistics and Population Biology group and head of the Biodiversity and Conservation department at Centre for Functional and Evolutionary Ecology in Montpellier, France.

Co-instructors: Silvia Bonizzoni, MSc Marine Biology; Nina Luisa Santostasi, MSc Eco-biology; Lavinia Eddy, DVM


Individual photo-identification: tools and workflow

Photographs as samples: use of metadata to empower image-based analyses

Capture-recapture analyses

Understanding matrix models

Analysis of counts

Population Viability Analyses

Quantification of species distribution (accounting or not for species detectability)

Modelling habitat use of marine mammals

Using science to support cetacean conservation: Mediterranean case studies

Noticing change: shifting perceptions of whales and dolphins

The workshop will include time for the assisted analysis of own datasets as well as Q&A sessions.


Workshop participants: max 10 / minimum 5

To cover the costs of the workshop we request a minimum contribution of €650 + €40 membership for students (a proof of student status is required). Non-students €750 + €40 membership. The contribution includes: all the teaching at the Galaxidi field station, boat trip in the Gulf of Corinth, accommodation (double rooms in shared self-catering apartment), breakfast and lunch (every day), and two dinners.

Booking deadline: 30 April 2017

For more information: http://www.dolphinbiology.org/workshop/

or write to admin@dolphinbiology.org