Wiki Species Pages Continue to Improve and Other News from the Education Committee

Wiki student curators continue to be hard at work in drafting and publishing wiki species pages. Here is the current list of active Wiki Species Pages (18 species).

We continue to seek new student curators for the Wiki Species Pages. So, if you are interested and have some unexpected free time due to COVID-19, consider signing up by emailing Dr. Mridula Srinivasan

Andrews’ beaked whale, Mesoplodon bowdoini DD Mackenzie Griffin
Antarctic fur seal, Arctocephalus gazella LC Giulia Roncon
Beluga, Delphinapterus leucas NT (Cook Inlet Subpopulation CR) Alexander Mildener
Blue whale, Balaenoptera musculus EN (ssp. musculus – northern blue whale NE, ssp. brevicauda – pygmy blue whale DD, ssp. intermedia – southern blue whale CR, ssp. indica – great Indian blue whale NE, unnamed subspecies – Chilean blue whale NE) Angela Szesciorka
Dall’s porpoise, Phocoenoides dalli LC (ssp. dalli – Dalli-type Dall’s porpoise NE, ssp. truei – Truei-type Dall’s porpoise NE) Kimberly Nielsen
Galápagos fur seal, Arctocephalus galapagoensis EN Sakile Johnson
Hourglass dolphin, Lagenorhynchus cruciger LC Simeon Abidari
Hubbs’ beaked whale, Mesoplodon carlhubbsi DD Mackenzie Griffin
Melon-headed whale, Peponocephala electra LC Vicki Hamilton
Narwhal, Monodon monoceros NT Liza Tsitrin
Arnoux’s beaked whale, Berardius arnuxii DD Maureen Spiessl
Northern right whale dolphin, Lissodelphis borealis LC Jenny Bachmann
Perrin’s beaked whale, Mesoplodon perrini DD Tiffany Stoeckig
Short-finned pilot whale, Globicephala macrorhynchus DD Liza Tsitrin
Southern bottlenose whale, Hyperoodon planifrons LC Savannah Geiger
Southern right whale dolphin, Lissodelphis peronii DD Mieke Weyn
Strap-toothed whale, Mesoplodon layardii DD Texa Sim
Vaquita, Phocoena sinus CR Kimberly Nielsen
Weddell seal, Leptonychotes weddellii LC Giulia Roncon


New SMM Education Web Pages Coming Soon
We are currently in the process of publishing a brand new student career page with information on pursuing a career in marine mammal science, scientists interviews in different languages, educational resources, a dedicated Wiki Species Page, and other useful links. Stay tuned.

Open Team Member Positions in the Education Committee
The Education Committee is still looking for diverse and qualified applicants to add to the team. If you are interested in being part of the Education Committee, please send your CV and a brief statement (two paragraphs) on why you are interested in joining the committee and how you can best contribute to advancing its goals of making marine mammal science accessible and rewarding to students, scientists, and enthusiasts, especially underrepresented groups, to