Invitation to Host the 2021 SMM Biennial Conference

Hello Everyone!

As we prepare for the upcoming 22nd Biennial Conference in Halifax in October, and look forward to the 2nd World Marine Mammal Science Conference in Barcelona in 2019, it is time to begin to select the venue for the 2021 Biennial Conference!

Given our General Operating Policies, our venues alternate between North America and elsewhere in the world.  So after the Barcelona meeting, the 2021 Biennial Conference is scheduled to be hosted in North America.

Thus, this email serves as an official invitation to our North American colleagues to host the 2021 Biennial Conference!

The task is a daunting one to be sure.  But it is also a wonderful opportunity to bring the marine mammal world to your home city, and to highlight your great organization(s) and their work.

You would also have plenty of support in the process!  There are current and past Conference Chairs who stand ready to offer advice, the SMM Board will be at your side, and there is a detailed Conference Manual that offers a roadmap to the process.

So, please feel free to contact me ( if your organization, or a group of your collegial organizations, are interested in hosting our 2021 Biennial Conference!

Thank you.

Best wishes – Ann