Member’s Meeting Reminder (Tuesday, 10 December 2019 17:45-19:00)

Hello Everyone!

I hope that this email finds you all very well!  We are already seeing many of you in Barcelona and I wish safe travels to the World Marine Mammal Conference for those still in route.

For our members who cannot attend, we will miss you!  I hope you can stay engaged with the conference through SMM and WMMC social media outlets, and through your friends and colleagues who will be attending!

I am writing, too, to remind us that our General Members Meeting will be Tuesday, 10 December, at 17:45-19:00, in the auditorium, directly after the Plenary on Conservation Interventions, and directly before the Student Event!

At our meeting, we will:

  • highlight recent accomplishments of our Society
  • recognize SMM award winners
  • hear from our Ad-Hoc Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • hear about SMM’s financial status from our Treasurer
  • get a brief update from our 2021 Conference Committee
  • hear presentations from organizations interested in hosting our 2023 Biennial
  • learn the nominees for offices from our Nominations and Elections Committee and take nominations from the floor.
  • open the floor to ask you for your input, insights, suggestions, and criticisms!

We will end the meeting with a message from our President-Elect!

Will the SMM General Member Meeting be as relaxing and fun as going for a libation with your friends and colleagues?  Likely not!  But is it an important opportunity to hear what your Society has been working towards, to honor your colleagues, and to lend your voice to make us stronger?  Absolutely!

We hope very much to see you there!

Best wishes – Ann