Marine Mammal Science Podcast

The Marine Mammal Science podcast has been going from strength to strength. The podcast has been a top 3 nature podcast in 39 countries, reaching the number 1 nature podcast position in 28 counties, including*: 

Argentina1, Australia1, Brazil1, Canada2, Chile1, Colombia1, Costa Rica1, Denmark1, Ecuador1, Estonia1, Finland1, Germany2, Hong Kong1, Iceland3, India1, Italy1, Ireland2, Japan2, Kenya1, Lithuania1, Mexico1, Namibia1, the Netherlands1, New Zealand3, Norway2, the Phillipines1, Poland2, Portugal1, Russia1, Singapore1, South Africa1, Spain2, Sri Lanka2, Sweden1, Switzerland1, Taiwan1, Turkey1, the United Kingdom1 and the United States of America2.

In total, it’s been a top 10 nature podcast in 42 countries (including the above plus Belgium8, France4 and Indonesia4).

* The super-script number refers to the position reached in the nature podcast charts.

Episodes can be downloaded from:

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Episodes so far:

Episode 1 – Endangered blue whales in Sri Lanka – with Dr Asha De Vos.

Episode 2 –“Parachute science” and the difficulties faced by marine mammal researchers from developing countries – with Dr Asha De Vos.

Episode 3 – Using drones for marine mammal research – with Shah Selbe

Episode 4 –  The taxonomy of the short-beaked dolphins of the genus Lagenorhynchus – with Dr Nicole Vollmer.

Episode 5 –  Humpback whales in New York harbor  (which was one of the most downloaded and shared papers in the journal Marine Mammal Science) – with Danielle Brown.

Episode 6 – The “hump” of the humpback dolphin (Sousa plumbea), and the threatened dolphins of the genus Sousa – with Dr Stephanie Plön.

Episode 7 – The Society for Marine Mammalogy Conservation Committee, the critically endangered Vaquita, and the newly identified Gulf of Mexico whale – with Dr Barb Taylor. 

Episode 8 – Identifying dolphins from their faces (which was one of the most downloaded and shared papers in the journal Marine Mammal Science) – with Tilen Genov

Episode 9 –The threats faced by Indus and Ganges river dolphins – with Dr Gill Braulik.

Episode 10 –The critically endangered vaquita – with Dr Lorenzo Rojas Bracho

Episode 11 – The behavior of bottlenose and Atlantic spotted dolphins in the Bahamas, and what’s it like conducting field work in paradise-like surroundings – with Dr Denise Herzing.

Episode 12 – Dolphin intelligence and their sophisticated language skills, the nature of humpback whale song, the Hawaiian Islands whale sanctuary, the impacts of climate change … and Star Trek – with Dr Adam Pack.

Episode 13 – Determining whale stress levels by looking at their ear wax, the impacts of World War 2 on cetaceans, and using Twitter and storytelling to help communicate marine mammal science – with Dr Dani Crain.

Episode 14 –  New technology being developed to detect cetaceans at sea – with Dave Steckler

Episode 15 – Ganges river dolphins in Bangladesh and transforming from a research biologist to a science communicator and documentary film maker – with  Dr Jennifer Lewis. 

Episode 16 – Research on dugongs, dolphins and whales in Malaysia – Dr Louisa Ponnampalam.

Episode 17 – The trials and tribulations of life in the field and whales & dolphins in New York harbor – with Eric Angel Ramos.

Episode 18 – Satellite tagging whales – with Dr Daniel Palacios.

Episode 19 – The impacts of whale-watching in Juneau, Alaska, and the “Whale SENSE” program (for more information go to with Alicia Schuler

 Episode 20 – Cetacean conservation in the Indian Ocean – with Umair Shahid 

Episode 21 – Drs Chris Parsons & Adam Pack introduce the winners of the 2019 Louis M. Herman Research Scholarships: Rebecca Hamilton for her project entitled ‘Cognition in the wild: Dolphin communication during a role-specialized foraging tactic’ and Solène Derville for her project entitled, ‘Whales of the deep: Analyzing movement and diving of humpback whales to understand oceanic breeding congregations in New Caledonia’. Chris also chats to the Herman family about the life of Louis Herman, his legacy and their aims for this new award. For more information about the scholarship go to:

 Episode 22 – Underwater sound and marine mammals in the Arctic, and the impacts of climate change and human-produced noise on this unique ecosystem – Dr Kate Stafford

Episode 23 – The Amazon river dolphin, the threats it faces, and the dramatic changes in the Amazon ecosystem – Dr Fernando Trujillo

Episode 24 – Humpback whales in Oman and hump-back dolphins in the Congo – with Tim Collins

Episode 25 –  Threats to west African manatees, the problems that are being caused by climate change, the growing wild meat trade and the need for protected areas for marine mammals in Nigeria – with Professor Edem Eniang

Episode 26 – North Atlantic right whale conservation, threatened dolphins on the US Gulf (of Mexico) Coast and issues impacting seals and sealions in the US – with Sharon Young

Episode 27 – Humpback whales, whaling, and whale-watching – with Dr Phil Clapham

Episode 28 – Illegal Soviet whaling and marine mammal science in Russia – with Dr Yulia Ivashchenko

Episode 29 – Whale and dolphin strandings and welfare science – with Dr Karen Stockin

Episode 30 – The impacts of naval exercises on beaked whales in the Marianas Islands – with Dr Anne Simonis

Episode 31 – “Things that are thrown at it in life test us, but show us who we really are…”  – Dr Peter Corkeron talks about the trials and tribulations of his marine mammal career

Episode 32 – Important Marine Mammal Areas (IMMAs) and marine protection – with Erich Hoyt

 Episode 33 – Marine mammal conservation in the Mediterranean – with Dr Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara.

Episode 34 – How smart are dolphins? – with Dr Diana Reiss

Episode 35 – Life in the freezer – living and working in Antarctica – with Dr Rob Harcourt  

Episode 36 – African manatee biology & conservation – with Dr Lucy Keith-Diagne of

Episode 37 – Marine mammal science and conservation in the US Government – with Steve Leathery

Episode 38 – Hawaiian monk seal conservation – with Dr Michelle Barbieri

 Episode 39 – How the US Marine Mammal Protection Act got passed – with special guest Dr Lee Talbot

Episode 40 – The extinction of Steller’s sea cow – with Dr Lorelei Crerar