Sad news for our Society: Remembering Dr. Jeanette A. Thomas

It is with deep sadness that we share the news that Dr. Jeanette A. Thomas passed away on 16 July 2018. Dr. Thomas was the 7th President of our Society (1994-1996) and had a long and distinguished career of leadership in the marine mammal world. She was Editor of Aquatic Mammals, served as a scientific advisor for the U.S. Marine Mammal Commission, and edited many important volumes on marine mammal behavior, sensory biology, and the impacts of anthropogenic noise on marine mammals. She also cared very much about students and helped create the Career Guide for the Society for Marine Mammalogy – to this day, one of the most frequented sites on our SMM website. Dr. Thomas helped shape our Society and we are a stronger and better community because of it. And she was a friend to all. We extend our deepest sympathies to her family, friends and colleagues.

Ann and the Board