Gratitude for Dr. Doug Wartzok

Greetings SMM members and global marine mammal community.  I would like to bring attention to the change in leadership of our Committee of Scientific Advisors (CSA) that was announced in our recent newsletter.  Dr. Doug Wartzok, after 11 excellent years as Chair of the CSA, is handing over the reins to Dr. Laura May-Collado.  In total, Doug has given two decades of himself to the Society Board and our membership.  Doug has been with the Society since before it was a society and is one of a relatively small cohort of founding members.  He has always sought to serve the community he helped create – either as the Editor for our flagship journal or Chair of the Committee of Scientific Advisor.  His long experience with the Society eased the entry of every President he has worked with and provided a steadying hand for our growth as we honor our history and adapt to our future.  Doug is always engaged and ever-thoughtful on every topic tackled by the Board.  And he is relentless in his support for fostering high-quality science within our society.  

All of our board members, past and present, are unsung heroes who give willingly of their time and energy to help the SMM grow and evolve the way in which we support our members and the science and conservation they undertake.  There are few, however, that have given as much (and continue to give) as Doug Wartzok.  Thankfully, Doug isn’t straying too far as he leaves the CSA.  He has kindly agreed to step in to lead our Ad Hoc Archives Committee. If you see him in the future, please thank him.  He has been working hard for all of us for decades and you quite possibly never knew it. Many thanks Doug!!

And thank you to Dr. May-Collado for stepping up to this important position and for being willing to help shepherd the good work of the CSA!


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