MMS 83: Women in STEM

In this week’s episode the guest is Dr. Mari Smultea, who tells her story about being a successful female entrepreneur in the field of marine mammal science and technology, and how she paved her way through a traditionally male-dominated field.

Her company Smultea Sciences, LLC is a pioneering female-owned and run marine science and technology enterprise that will hopefully be the model for many more.

Dr. Mari Smultea Bio
Dr. Mari Smultea has over 30 years of experience studying the effects of human-related activities on marine mammal and sea turtle ecology and behavior, but also other marine and terrestrial animals, particularly endangered species. In 2000, she founded and continues to manage her woman-owned environmental consulting business, Smultea Sciences, LLC. She and her over 90% female staff currently focus on permitting, and mitigation and monitoring of marine mammals, particularly relative to offshore wind exploration in the US Atlantic and Pacific.

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