MMS 81: The perils of pollution on marine mammals

In this week’s episode, Dr. Ashley Scarlett talks to Dr. Jean-Pierre Deforges about the accumulation of ocean pollution and the health effects they have on marine mammals.

About Dr. Jean-Pierre Deforges:

Jean-Pierre Desforges, Post-Doctorial Research Fellow at McGill University in Montreal Canada. He did his Masters at the University of Victoria (Canada) working on beluga whales in the Beaufort Sea and got his Ph.D. at Aarhus University (Denmark) working on a wide variety of marine mammal species in the Arctic and North Atlantic (ringed seal, harp seals, hooded seal, polar bear, killer whale, bottlenose dolphin, beluga whale).

The main focus of his research has been marine mammal toxicology studying how environmental pollution accumulates in marine mammals and what effect it may have on their health and fitness.

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