MMS 116: Intentionally Building Inclusive Spaces for Queer Scientists, part 1

This week’s episode is part one of the Intentionally Building Inclusive Spaces for Queer Scientists” webinar organized by the Society for Marine Mammalogy‘s Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Absolutely Smashing Events and Consulting.

 This webinar series will focus on the fact that the advancement of ocean science, and marine conservation success, ultimately relies on the well-being of the scientists involved. This well-being largely depends on our scientific community providing a safe and supportive space for scientists and conservation practitioners to work in.

 There are large number of LGBTQ+ scientists within our community that often face prejudice, exclusion, and discrimination. Success of the whole community depends upon diversity, equity, and inclusion. In this webinar we seek to promote understanding of the issues and struggles our LGBTQ+ scientists face, and work towards solutions to problems and barriers that they face.

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