The John E Heyning Award 2016

John E. Heyning was a marine biologist with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County who furthered research on whales and helped build one of the world’s largest collections of marine mammals. As the museum’s deputy director and one of its curators, he was instrumental in amassing its more than 4,000 specimens. Only the Smithsonian Institution in Washington has a larger collection. John’s research focused on the natural history, anatomy, evolution and conservation of whales, dolphins and porpoises, especially delphinids and ziphiids. This grant is presented in accordance with John’s last wishes and is for the best proposal received from an established researcher to investigate any area of cetacean integrative biology that relates diverse aspects of biology within an evolutionary context. A single biennial grant of up to $5,000 will be considered.

Due Date: Applications are to be submitted by 1 July 2016 (midnight GMT). No application shall be accepted after the deadline.

Submission: via email to the Awards and Scholarships Chair, Lindsay Porter ( with subject line “JEH Award 2016”.

Eligibility: The award is available to established researchers only. The application will be submitted by the person conducting the research. The applicant must be a member of the Society for Marine Mammalogy

The application must include the following materials; ·

  • A proposal, not exceeding ten (10) pages in length (Times font, 12 point type, single space, 2 cm margins) in an editable file format (e.g., .doc*, .txt, etc.).
  • A list of research / other grants obtained in last five years.
  • Research permits and/or ethical approval from a relevant authority (if appropriate) or state that these may have to be obtained if grant is successful.
  • A current C.V.

Award recipients will be announced 3 October 2016