Partner Conferences, Workshops & Symposia

September 10, 2019

News from our Sister Society, SOMEMMA

The Mexican Marine Mammalogy Summer School: training new generations and strengthening our scientific society  Karina Acevedo-Whitehouse1,2,*, Fabiola Guerrero de la Rosa1,2, Juan José Alava3, Geraldine Busquets Vass1,4, Frank Cipriano5, Raúl Díaz-Gamboa1,6, Fernando R. Elorriaga Verplancken1,4, Cara Field7, Concepción García-Aguilar1,8, Diane Gendron1,4, Alejandro Gómez Gallardo1,9, Claudia J. Hernández Camacho1,4, Valentina Islas Villanueva1,10, Armando Jaramillo Legorreta1,11, Paloma […]

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August 14, 2019

6th International Marine Conservation Congress (21-27 August 2020; Kiel Germany)

Announcing the 6th International Marine Conservation Congress, the largest academic conference on all aspects of marine conservation. The meeting will be held in Kiel, Germany: 21-27 August 2020 Meeting website: To conserve the world’s oceans we must go beyond science, and use it to inform policy and management to catalyze change. The Society for […]

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August 7, 2019

Marine Top Predator Session – 2020 Ocean Sciences Meeting (16-21 Feb 2020, San Diego)

The 2020 Ocean Sciences Meeting will take place 16-21 February 2020 in San Diego, California. The meeting is an important venue for scientific exchange across broad marine science disciplines, with sessions on all aspects of oceanography.  We would like to call your attention to a session we will be chairing entitled “Advances in the ecology, behavior, physiology, or […]

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April 24, 2019

23rd Annual Meeting of the Northwest Student Chapter of the Society for Marine Mammalogy (NWSSMM) (University of Washington, Seattle;18-19 May 2019)

This is a reminder to registerfor the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Northwest Student Chapter of the Society for Marine Mammalogy (NWSSMM) at the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle on 18-19 May 2019! Registration cost is TBD (max of $15 USD) and will include breakfast, snacks, and lunch. Registration for the meeting will be […]

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Underwater noise webinars (May 2019)

The ocean is full of both natural and anthropogenic (human-made) sources of sound. Much attention has been focused on anthropogenic sound sources in the ocean and potential effects on marine mammals, fishes, and invertebrates. Regulators, decision makers, public affairs officers, industry representatives, other members of the international regulatory community, and others interested in underwater acoustics are invited to participate in the Discovery of […]

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