Workshop: Assessing the responses of marine mammals to anthropogenic acoustic disturbance (28 Oct 2017)

28th October 2017

Anthropogenic sounds, such as from vessels, seismic surveys and pile-driving, can cause harm and disturbance to marine mammals over potentially large scales. In this workshop, we aim to draw on the experience of previous studies, identify lessons learned and recommendations for the future, and determine approaches for most effectively incorporating this knowledge into best management practices. This workshop follows the conference theme of reflecting on the journey of people who have studied this topic to inform future work. We will focus on four main themes: 1) Baseline data and models, examining appropriate measures, scales and resolutions, 2) Assessing individual responses to anthropogenic sounds, 3) Modeling population-level and cumulative effects of acoustic disturbance, 4) Application to best management practices. Each theme will consist of approximately four talks of 15 minutes each followed by a 30 minute discussion session.

If your research would be relevant, and you are interested in participating, there are still spaces available to give a 15-minute talk at the workshop.

Please Helen Bailey ( and/or Aaron Rice ( know by 1st  September if you are interested in presenting.