Streaming Lecture on Tagging: 20 Jan 2017

The Oceanografic Foundation would like to invite you to join us for an on-line seminar on the use of tag technology to study animal behavior, ecology and physiology by Rory Wilson. The seminar will available on-line at the link below. We are working to provide a link so the seminar can be viewed later on for those that may not be able to join us live.

Presenter: Professor Rory Wilson, Swansea University

Title: What can smart tags tell us about animals?’
Abstract: Animal-attached smart tags are getting smarter and smarter. Things like acceleration, magnetic field intensity,  and pressure are now being sampled at crazily  high rates. This sounds cool. But what can such tags tell us about the animals that carry them. This lecture will explore some of these things and perhaps air some surprises.

Time: Friday January 20, 10:30 Central European time

Streaming Link: