SOMEMMA Virtual Conference Invitation

A message from our colleagues at Sociedad Mexicana de Mastozoología Marina about the upcoming online conference:

During the XXXVII International Meeting for the Study of Marine Mammals (May 3-6, 2021) by the Mexican Society for Marine Mammalogy (SOMEMMA), which will be online, 6 keynote conferences will be given. Are you interested in just registering for them? We offer you an exclusive package with a cost of $500 MXN ($25.00 USD), to access only these talks. It is a good opportunity to learn from the greatest.

Here are descriptions of the speakers for this conference

**Important: There will be simultaneous translation from Spanish to English.


You can solve doubts in the following account, and it is to whom you need to send your payment receipt, with name, institution and if you are a student/professor:

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