Short Courses before the 2017 Biennial Conference

Acoustics Courses before the 2017 Biennial Conference:

Protected Species Observer: 14-15 Aug, Newfoundland, this BOEM-BSEE certified professional qualification will enable you to work as an PSO in Gulf of Mexico, and the US. Follow this link to book now:

Passive Acoustic Monitoring Level 16-18 Aug, Newfoundland and 18-20 Oct, Halifax: If you want to achieve your professional PAM Operator qualification, and take your marine mammal observation skills to the next level, this is for you!  Follow this link to our website to book now:

Marine Acoustics Course 18-20 Oct: Get to grips with underwater acoustics and understand the noise issues that impact marine wildlife. Our three-day Marine Acoustics course is perfect for anyone working as a regulator, environmental consultant, researcher, policy or environmental professional who needs to understand the regulatory environment. It will give you the knowledge you need to analyse and act on the recommendations in reports generated because of environment legislation. Follow this link to book now: