Online Protected Species Observer/Marine Mammal Observer training

This course is offered for $395 and consists of 12 graded lessons, a practical species identification quiz designed to simulate real in-field detection events, and a comprehensive final exam.  The training program was created by instructors whom are accepted trainers by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), in collaboration with experienced PSOs, degreed biologists, educators, and industry professionals.  Successful completion of the program results in a professional certification that distinguishes you as a PSO.

Whether you are looking to work in the field as a PSO, to expand your knowledge of protected species regulations, marine environmental issues, and/or geological and geophysical regulations, or enhance your skillset, this course has something to offer you!

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RPS Group has been the leading provider for PSO services in the Gulf of Mexico for over a decade and we are proud to present this high-quality, convenient, and effective online certification program. Doctors, engineers, pilots, and other professionals complete certification and/or degree programs that are available online, and now PSOs join the ranks of those benefiting from online learning! Our intensive e-training program will engage and instruct you with informative videos, interactive quizzes, and stimulating content.  The combination of a fun, interesting program and self-paced learning has been proven to facilitate learning and increase retention of the material—leading to better, more qualified PSOs!

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