Mindful Conservation Conference (online 4-9 January 2021). 

AN INVITATION to the world’s first virtual Mindful Conservation Conference (online 4-9 January 2021).

In a time of doom and gloom in the news, in particular for those involved in the environmental and conservation field, poor career prospects and competitive and stressful work environments, coping skills and self-help have never been more important for those in the conservation field.

The Mindful Conservation Conference is an important event for students, conservationists and science professionals of any kind.

Throughout the 4 day meeting, we will be addressing and highlighting important “elephant in the room” issues in the conservation field such as toxicity in academia, racism in conservation science, mental health of conservation practitioners and other important issues that are often hidden under the carpet by those in the conservation field.

In addition to highlighting these issues  we will also be proactive and instructive: teaching essential mindful and self-care skills that will ultimately help to improve the science/conservation industry as a whole.

The Mindful Conservation Conference is designed to help our guardians of  nature learn how to take care of themselves whilst challenging the status quo by encouraging teamwork, educating on the perils of selfishness and creating a safe and happy place for any who would boldly dedicate their lives towards human advancement and environmental protection.

The Mindful Conservation Conference was created in response to concerns about the high rate of “burnout” of students, scientists and practitioners leaving the  field due to toxic cultures in the workplace or academia and tough challenges that come with this field.

It is time to address these issues head on and deal with these negative issues in the conservation field, and in doing so help create a more friendly, productive, nurturing, mindful and ultimately more  sustainable and effective conservation field.

We would be most grateful if you could please share information about this conference to your friends and colleagues who might be interested.

Registration for the conference can be found at: https://www.absolutelysmashingllc.com/mindful-conference. Early registrants can join the meeting for as little as $20.

We look forwards to seeing you in January !

The MFCC Program Committee

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