Marine mammalogy summer school in La Paz, Mexico

The Mexican Society for Marine Mammalogy (SOMEMMA) is pleased to announce its third biennial marine mammalogy summer school, the III-E3M, which will take place in La Paz, July 3-8, 2017.

III-E3M offers theoretical and practical knowledge on the biology, ecology, evolution, natural history, health and conservation of marine mammals. The summer school is structured in two modules, a basic one that is aimed at undergraduate students with limited or no experience with marine mammals, and an advanced module, aimed at graduate students, who select one of four themes: 1) ecology, 2) bioacustics and population monitoring, 3) genetics, 4) health.

More than 30 mexican and international researchers participate as instructors in the summer school, which includes a hands-on field trip to Espiritu Santo National Park aboard the Narwal research vessel.

Our previous summer schools were targeted to Mexican students. This year, SOMEMMA broadens its scope and is open to international participants (please note that the basic module is taught in spanish, while the advanced modules are taught in spanish and english).

More details on the program, instructors and registration costs can be found at: