Marine mammal necropsy course, Anchorage, Alaska (27 June-4 Aug 18)

University of Alaska Anchorage

Marine Mammal Necropsy Techniques summer course (BIOL_A490: 27 June – 4 August 2018)

This course provides students an opportunity to gain knowledge about, and hands-on experience with, marine mammal necropsies. Students will learn about animal tissue handling protocols, data recording and sample tracking procedures, and assist in necropsies under the supervision of a veterinary pathologist. During each necropsy, students will take detailed procedure notes, write a brief summary, and turn in the summary for grading and review. Two additional laboratory sessions will enable students to learn about post-necropsy analyses for diet and molecular disease screening from a One Health perspective. In addition, students will identify a relevant topic about marine mammal health, population status and monitoring, and necropsy or veterinary techniques. The topic should be linked to the necropsy work performed. Once approved, the student will conduct independent research on the topic, and write a final paper, or develop a final product (manual, handbook, etc.), that is due at the end of the course.


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