8th International Conference on “Marine Mammals of the Holarctic

Dear Colleagues!

Following the recommendation of the 8th International Conference on “Marine Mammals of the Holarctic” (held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, September 2014), the Russian Marine Mammal Council is announcing the 9th International Conference on “Marine Mammals of the Holarctic” which will be held at Astrakhan, Russia, from October 31 to November 05, 2016.

The objectives of the Conference are to discuss results of recent research and to highlight future needs for marine mammal research, conservation, and management in the Northern Hemisphere, focusing on:
•    Modern research methods;
•    Population biology;
•    Abundance estimation and trends;
•    Ecology (foraging, distribution, habitat use, migration, etc.);
•    Behavior and acoustics;
•    Physiology, toxicology and pollution;
•    Marine mammal veterinary;
•    Conservation, management, and legislation;
•    Rehabilitation and captivity, and;
•    Reducing the impact of human activity.

Information on registration and abstract submission will be provided shortly following the Second Announcement.

The Organizing Committee welcomes participants to propose seminars or events related to the Conference subject matter. The Committee also welcomes organizations and individuals who may wish to cooperate in convening the Conference or provide any assistance. Please contact the Organizing Committee via e-mail: conf2016@2mn.org

Detailed information about the conference will be available on the
website: http://2mn.org