Marine Mammal Commission Proposed Budget Cuts for 2019

Dear Senators and Representatives,

In June 2017 the Society for Marine Mammalogy wrote to you because President Trump’s proposed 2018 budget would have eliminated the U.S. Marine Mammal Commission. Congress prevented that outcome and the Society gratefully acknowledges your support for the Commission.

Last week we learned that the President’s proposed 2019 budget also takes aim at the Commission, eliminating it “as part of the Administration’s plans to move the Nation toward fiscal responsibility.” Again, the Society for Marine Mammalogy strongly disagrees with this action. We believe that the Commission has helped move the United States toward fiscal, social, and environmental responsibility.

Our conviction is based on the arguments put forth in our attached June 2017 letter. Please stand again for the Commission by restoring its budget for fiscal year 2019 and beyond.


D. Ann Pabst
For Jay Barlow