Marine Mammal Science Job Openings

Zoological Associate, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

Job Category: Paid Staff Position
Date Posted:

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is now hiring for it's pre-opening team!

In this role, you will ensure smooth and efficient operations of the SeaWorld Abu Dhabi facilities in Zoological Department by safely fulfilling the duties in animal/guest interactions, husbandry, enrichment, general public presentations, and research.

The different areas/fields of assignment for the positions are:

– Animal Ambassador
– Arctic
– Antarctica (Penguin)
– Aviculture
– Dolphin
– Sea Lion
– Zoo Support & Rescue

The job scope also includes:

– Performs daily husbandry tasks including administration of vitamins and medication as directed
– Prepares food, provides proper nutrition and constant care of animals
Maintains a safe, appropriate and sanitary living conditions for all animal habitats.
– Learns behavior modification techniques under the supervision of more experienced colleagues. This includes but is not limited to the training of behaviors to completion, proactively maintaining conditioned behavior, and the ability to form relationships with assigned animals.
– Ensures guests, personal, and animals’ safety through constant monitoring of the behavioral precursors of potentially harmful behavior by both animals and people.
– Provides proactive guest services through guest interactions, animal presentation and programs in the assigned area, and responding to guest inquiries.
– Performs assigned roles in education and general public programs, and guest interaction programs
– Makes daily observations of animals and reports any abnormalities to the leadership team
– Maintains all animal records, equipment, area responsibilities, and communication requirements on a daily basis
– Functions as Ambassador by displaying consideration, tolerance, cooperation, open communication, and reliability; maintains a consistent attitude, motivation, and ability to accept feedback
– Ensures all policies, guidelines, manuals and SOPs are followed at all times
– Consistently practices safe work habits including, but not limited to the use of personal protective equipment, lifting and reporting of unsafe situations
– Participates on the required trainings and maintains profession development and competencies
– Performs other duties as directed by the leadership

To be considered for this role, you will need to have:

– High School diploma and/or degree in Psychology, Zoology or Biology or equivalent
– 1 year of relatable animal experience in a professional setting
– Basic understanding of marine mammal, avian, and reptilian husbandry/rescue/rehabilitation techniques
– Open water dive certification. Otherwise, pass a swim test during hiring process (not required for Aviculture)
– Ability to successfully pass an area swim test within the first 60 days of hire (not required for Aviculture)
– Good communication skills in English, verbal and written
– Basic mathematical skill
– Basic computer knowledge including MS Office and animal recording system
– Excellent swimming and diving skills

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