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WCS Ocean Giants Program Postdoctoral Researcher and/or Associate Marine Conservation Scientist

Job Category: Postdoc Positions
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The Wildlife Conservation Society’s Ocean Giant Program is seeking a Postdoctoral level researcher and/or an Associate Marine Conservation Scientist to work primarily on an acoustic monitoring project in the New York Bight. The primary focus of the project is detection, classification and potentially localization of cetacean vocalizations, as well as characterization of ambient noise using archival and near-real time recording technology. The data sets will include both historic and planned recordings from near-real time acoustic monitoring buoys deployed as part of a project to detect and alert in near real-time the presence of the four key species of large whales present in the New York Bight (North Atlantic Right Whale, humpback whale, fin whale and sei whale). Analysis of the archival data as well as other acoustic data sets collected from recorders placed elsewhere in the New York Bight will involve both manual and automated methods for documenting all vocalizing marine mammal species.

The successful candidate(s) will be expected to work independently under the supervision of the Ocean Giants Director and liase with the Ocean Giants Associate Marine Conservation Scientist and will be expected to organize and process acoustic data and conduct analyses to satisfy the project goals. Data processing will involve some manual processing along with testing and running automated detectors for species present in the New York Bight, and the development of automated detectors and other novel related approaches. The successful applicant(s) will be expected to both lead and contribute to report writing and publications. Additional opportunities as part of the Ocean Giants Program team may include; 1) assisting with field work activities in the New York Bight collecting marine mammal sightings, photo ID, genetic and tag data 2) contribute to policy, education and advocacy initiatives, 3) work actively on current or planned projects on ocean noise, eDNA and synthesis of multiple types of data.

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