Marine Mammal Science Job Openings

Senior Curator – Stranding Response Coordinator (Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center)

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Summary: Assist the Curator Manager in the development and operations of the Aquarium Research and
Conservation Program to meet the mission and objectives of the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science
Center; supervise development and operations of the Aquarium’s Stranding Response Program and
associated research projects; assist with the supervision of department staff. These activities may involve
supervising and coordinating the collection, sampling, and tagging of marine mammals or sea turtles;
data management and database development; transporting, dispensing and administering controlled
substances to stranded animals; hiring and training staff; managing permits, authorizations and reporting
requirements; writing and managing grants and contracts; and writing and presenting publication quality
reports, news releases, articles and proposals for a variety of audiences including: Virginia Aquarium
staff, volunteers, general public, as well as the broader scientific community.
-This position will fill a supervisory role within the Research and Conservation Division related to projects
involving sea turtles, marine mammals and marine ecosystem management and conservation.
Lead the development and operations of the Aquarium Stranding Response Program providing rescue
and rehabilitation for sick and injured marine animals.
-Coordinate stranding response events and assessments to ensure scientific accuracy and reporting of
findings, and maximum benefit for educational programs and public image of the Aquarium.
Research and prepare grant proposals, including budget, for projects and research in the incumbent’s
field of expertise; and serve as either principal investigator or co-investigator on grants and contracts
-Administer permit requirements, budgets and other financial resources allocated for stranding
response. Maintain stranding response supplies, boats and other equipment.
-Hire and train new staff. Supervise staff through assignment and review of work, preparation of work
and leave schedules, and performance appraisals to ensure that division goals and objectives are met;
and develop systematic plans and procedures to meet operational needs and production deadlines.
-Write concise, grammatically correct reports for grants, contracts and public outreach in the field of
-Ensure safety of the animals and people involved in activities and projects in the incumbent’s field of
-Respond to media and public inquiries regarding stranding response activities, with the intent to inform as
well as educate. Prepare informational and educational materials for distribution to the public.
-Assist Curator Manager and Veterinary Technician with oversight of the distribution and inventory of
controlled substances. Transport controlled substances to stranded animal sites. Dispense and
administer controlled substances to marine mammals, sea turtles or other marine life.
-Perform other job duties requiring skills, knowledge and physical requirements as demanded by those
duties described or less. Individual assignments will be determined by the supervisor based on then
current workloads and department needs.
Minimum Qualifications:
Requires any combination of education (above the high school level) and experience equivalent to nine
-(9) years in fields utilizing the required knowledge, skills and abilities and associated with such positions
as Exhibits, Stranding, or Research Technician; Stranding or Research Coordinator; Assistant Curator or
-Must have, or obtain, a current and valid Virginia or North Carolina driver’s license in accordance with
Virginia or North Carolina DMV driver’s license eligibility requirements.
Preferred Qualifications:
Post-graduate degree in marine biology, zoology, biology or environmental science or specialized
certification in marine mammal or sea turtle rehabilitation or science. Experience working for a United
States permitted Sea Turtle or Marine Mammal Stranding Response Organization; knowledge of the
Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 and the Endangered Species Act of 1973. Five or more years
management experience in stranding response. Authorship on one or more scientific publications in
marine mammal or sea turtle science. Principal investigator or co-investigator on one or more grants of
$100,000 or more.
Salary: $55,063.50-$85,348.43
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Application Deadline: open until filled