Marine Mammal Science Job Openings

Protected Species Observer

Job Category: Paid Staff Position
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Coastwise Consulting Inc. is seeking to subcontract qualified individuals to monitor impacts to protected species during marine construction projects on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

Qualified individuals will generally have a B.S. in Marine Biology, Ecology, or a related field, and experience with sea turtles, marine mammals, and/or sturgeon. Specialized or extensive experience with these species may be substituted in lieu of educational experience.

Most projects involve two observers living and working onboard ships for periods of 20 – 30 days, although this can vary depending on individual preference. Typically, two observers work 12-hours each to provide 24-hour coverage. Accommodations on many of these vessels are quite comfortable.

Observers must have the ability to interact with ship and construction crews in a friendly and professional manner, physically inspect equipment that may require walking, bending, climbing, crawling, and sometimes lifting 20-50 pounds. Observers must be able to identify various species of sea turtles, marine mammals and sturgeon, complete by-catch analyses of various species of marine life using field guides, and record and report all findings in a clear and detailed way.

Must reside and be legally able to work in the United States
Must be able to obtain a TWIC card for job site access
Must be in good physical condition and able to stand, walk, bend, climb, and lift up to 50 lbs
Must be able to identify sea turtles and marine mammals to species level
Must have the ability to identify by-catch species using field guides
Must work well both independently and with others
Must possess good verbal and written communication skills
Must be able to handle/ sample living and dead marine life
Must have reliable transportation and/or be capable of arranging travel

This is an Independent Contractor position. Compensation is $200+ per day, and may vary depending on the details of each contract. Room and board will be provided while working off-shore.

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