2020 Research Recipients

Congratulations to the 2020 Grants In Aid of Research Recipients!

Untangling the complex speciation process of the Peruvian-Chilean fur seals hybrid group and the role of Isla Foca in its population dynamics Fernando Lopes

Marine Mammal Conservation Status in Papua New Guinea: Development of a Marine Mammal Sighting and Stranding Database for Conservation Planning Wilma Mavea

The impact of the SAR-Cov 2 pandemic on the whale-watching activity in Puerto Pirámide (Península Valdés, Chubut, Argentina): Social and ecological aspect Santiago Fernández

Is cetacean morbillivirus a threat for Amazon river dolphins? Daniela Mello

Bioaccumulation of persistent organic pollutants in living southern right whales (Eubalaena australis) mother and calves at Península Valdés, Argentina Carina Marón

Assessing the isotopic niche of northeast Pacific gray whales stranded during a recent high mortality event Michelle Rosales Inda

Social-ecological significance of interactions between humpback dolphins and small-scale fisheries along the Sindhudurg coast in Maharashtra, India Ketki Jog

Change is real: assessing the impact of the first ever witnessed ice-free winter on Ladoga ringed seal reproductive success Irina Trukhanova

Assessing the impact of Giant Salvinia proliferation on the habitat use of the African manatee in Lake Ossa, Cameroon and determining the most efficient manatee detection method Clinton Factheu

Allometric aspects of directional cranial asymmetry in Odontocetes Maíra Laeta

Africa’s singers on the move: Using song to understand the movement and mixing of humpback whale stocks around coastal southern Africa Erin Ross-Marsh

Chemical Feeding Ecology in the California sea lion Zalophus californianus of the Gulf of California (Mexico) (COVID delay of report until 31 December 2022) Daniela Alejar Murillo Cisneros

Identifying priority conservation sites for the Indian Ocean humpback dolphin in Ungwana bay, Kenya Michael Mwang’ombe

Assessing the species richness and relative abundance of cetaceans in Ghana: A social science perspective Michael Ayeh

Microplastic contamination in Antarctic phocids Julieta Cebuhar

Using Bryde’s whale foraging behaviour, habitat use and acoustic patterns as a living platform to understand anthropogenic impacts on marine wildlife in Southeastern Brazil (COVID delay of Report until July 2022) Rodrigo Tardin

What is limiting recovery of Guadalupe fur seals at San Benito Archipelago, Pacific Ocean, Mexico? Claudia Hernández Camacho